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All around the globe, we all need daily nourishment. This is why Agribusiness   everything involved in primary production, processing, and distributing – is essential in powering, protecting, and sustaining the basic needs of human life. It is why agribusiness is the world’s largest industry. 


Agribusiness underpins all societies and economies


Agribusiness is the only way humanity can maintain life en masse. It is the way we humans feed and clothe ourselves – in perpetuity. Within the limits of our planet, Agribusiness is and must always be the ultimate sustainable business: economically, socially, and environmentally.


By continually innovating Agribusiness helps primary producers work with Mother Nature to plant, nurture, harvest, and deliver food and fibre right to you – the consumer.


We all drive Agribusiness by what we buy, and what we try

Agribusiness is a direct response to consumer behaviour, ever since the first plant seeds were exchanged for sea shells. What we buy today shapes the nature of Agribusiness in the future.


The best way you can get involved it to connect your values, your voice, and your votes to strengthening the alliance of responsible agribusiness professionals and organisations shaping our future.


You’re invited to sign up and get directly involved in empowering Agribusiness, the most worthy business of all.

What is the right thing to do to feed, clothe, & energize 9 billion people by 2050?




Membership of the Agribusiness Council does not require endorsement of its policies.

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