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About the Agribusiness Council


The world's first 100% on-line industry advancement group.

We exist to help you improve the world's largest industry:

Agribusiness: the business of food, fibre, and bio-fuels.

We grow you


All around the globe, we all need daily nourishment. It is why agribusiness is the world’s largest industry.


It is why Agribusiness  includes everything involved in primary production, processing, and distributing the food, fibre, and bio-fuels the world gross. Agribusiness is essential in powering, protecting, and sustaining the basic needs of human life. 


Agribusiness underpins all societies and economies


Agribusiness is the only way humanity can maintain life en masse. It is the way we humans feed and clothe ourselves – in perpetuity. Within the limits of our planet, Agribusiness is and must always be the ultimate sustainable business: economically, socially, and environmentally.


By continually innovating Agribusiness helps primary producers work with Mother Nature to plant, nurture, harvest, and deliver food and fibre right to you – the consumer.


Agribusiness is driven by you're buying and trying

Agribusiness is a direct response to consumer behaviour, ever since the first plant seeds were exchanged for sea shells. What we buy today shapes the nature of Agribusiness in the future.


The best way you can get involved it to connect your values, your voice, and your votes to strengthening the alliance of responsible agribusiness professionals and organisations shaping our future. For example, try this current survey about livestock identification?

You’re invited to sign up and get directly involved in empowering Agribusiness, the most worthy business of all.


Who Owns Us?

The Agribusiness Council of Australia Ltd is owned by its members. It is a non-for-profit company limited by guarantee registered in Australia.




Commencing from its earliest meetings in 2011, the Agribusiness Council has evolved to an elected 11-member council to represent the agribusiness sector to all key decision-makers everywhere.

Commencing in Australia, it is extending its activities to all those involved in agribusiness anywhere based upon the simple principle of "Agribusiness without borders".


The Agribusiness Council held its inaugural meeting of agribusiness leaders in the Senate Hearing Room of the Australian Parliament House, Canberra on 12 May 2011 (see photo).


Agribusiness Leaders Meeting 12 May 2011, Senate Hearing Room, Parliament House, Canberra


This fledgling meeting made a number of recommendations, including the creation of an Agribusiness Council to find ways to advance the whole agribusiness value-creation chain and all its related supporting industries. A Steering Committee of the Agribusiness Council of Australia (SCACA) was formed from members present to progress its formation.

Parliamentary Launch in Australia


The Agribusiness Council was publicly launched in the Main Committee Room Chamber of the Australia Parliament House in Canberra on 20 March 2013 before an audience of leading politicians, diplomats, agribusiness leaders, and the media.


On 10 December 2012, the Agribusiness Council of Australia Limited (ACAL) was created as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee (ABN 84 161 544 976).


Inaugural Agribusiness Councillors


The first full Agribusiness Council members were:


Council Chair

A brief history of those elected by Council as Chair is at "History of Agribusiness Council Chairs".


The elections process for Agribusiness Councillors (i.e. ACA Governing Board members) are held during the last three months of each year. All key dates are advised to members and published in the "CALENDAR" feature of this web site.

  • {Note: Dates in the CALENDAR can be download to your Outlook program iCalendar].


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