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Why Australian Agribusiness Matters
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Why the Agribusiness Council Matters

  • Agribusiness is the world’s largest and most worthy industry, it is how everyone on the planet energises themselves. Agribusiness encompasses half the world’s labour force, half its assets, and 40% of consumer purchases. Since we all eat, it’s our daily personal business interest too.

  • Australian agribusiness is amongst the safest and productive in the world, and a significant food & fibre exporter. Yet Australia is also a minor player in agribusiness output and global trade terms. Agribusiness must keep innovating just to remain global competitive.

  • Trends over many decades tell a story of declining farmer and agribusiness numbers, and as a consequence, declining political influence. Paradoxically, industry fragmentation has increased with 4,000+ Ag-groups vying for attention. Less people but more groups only dissipates efforts. The current agro-political system is characterised by institutions created decades ago, with many imbued in practices reflecting their production agriculture origins.

  • Ag-industry power is best exerted through unity and strength in numbers, and that will be always be when the whole agribusiness sector becomes a larger, and ever-expanding ‘community of interest’. For this reason, the Agribusiness Council of Australia (ACA) was created. Until the ACA, Australian agribusinesses had no whole-of-industry body to go to.

  • A key productivity stimulus for any industry is education, since it ultimately drives innovation. Only 7% of people engaged in Ag-related industry have a degree of any sort, that figure is 23% for all other industries. Globally, there is more private sector than public sector agriculture R&D investment. If the Australian education and research system has under-delivered for Ag-industry, then other industry-driven solutions must be found. Only the agribusiness industry itself can drive such change, and it needs a way to achieve it such as the ACA.

  • Australian agribusiness professionals are crucial to, and underpin, the foundations of our economy and cultural psyche. Yet it is widely agreed that Ag-industry has an image problem. Only a well-supported ACA will take on this industry promotion effort to improve the industries ‘social licence’ to operate. No other group has taken up this key role.

  • The importance of agribusiness as the mainstay of the any economy cannot be overstated. Australian Agribusinesses also face growing intractable problems:

    • Declining productivity rates (via reduced Ag-innovation, climate variations); and,
    • Supplying an increasing global demand for food in the face of declining natural resources (fossil fuels, fertilisers, water, and suitable land). Agribusiness is too important for partisanship; the real challenges are global in scope.

    A more united, larger Australian agribusiness industry will:
    • Provide competitive advantages for Australian agribusinesses competing globally (in terms of enhancing export competitiveness and as a defence against foreign imports);
    • Ensure industry-relevant innovation drives productivity to achieve improved industry profitability and resilience; and,
    • Ensure more leveraged industry influence is exerted on all key decision-makers.

    Growing solutions for agribusiness includes essential innovations such as the ACA, which will:
    • Unite the industry and enable all existing groups to best leverage their networking efforts;
    • Focus upon long-term strategic issues beyond the resources of most Ag-industry groups
    • Advocate industry-owned and driven solutions to complement public sector solutions; and,
    • Using contemporary methods, the ACA ensures your industry is your hands, literally on your smart phone.

    As an ACA member, you can directly influence agribusiness industry directions, 24/7, from anywhere in the world that you can ‘get connected’

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